Operation :Organize Manuals

What do you do with all your manuals??
Here's what I decided to do.

I took some time and looked through all the manuals and discarded those that we no longer have a need for and then proceeded to sort them. I did this by what seemed most practical for our family. I used multiple binders so it would be easier to carry and add to.

When I start any project I always keep in mind a few things: how can I make this cute and how can I do this for little little to no cost. I purchased 5 2" binders on clearance from Target and just printed binder spine labels on scrapbook paper. Once I had a plan as to the categories I punched holes in most of the manuals and those that were too large or contained a disc went into plastic page protectors. 

My binders area labeled : Outdoor, Appliance, Audio & Visual, PC/ Printer & Camera and Miscellaneous

Once that was complete I used cheap dividers to help organize even further.

A few printed labels and voila..... "Binder Manuals" complete!

I decided before I began that the best location to store these binders was going to be in our laundry room. I choose this room for the simple fact we had space to shelf them and would be a central location to all areas. 

I would love to hear how you keep track of your manuals.

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