Kentucky Derby Birthday {Bryten 8}

Well, I am 3 months past due on this birthday post for our sweet Bryten, but better late than never. This was a such an easy party to plan because our Bryten is in love with all things Horse.So as we have been slowly thrifting items to decorate her "vintage equestrian" bedroom, we ended up using many elements as the party decor. 

The Kentucky Derby is not in October.... but who cares:)

I came across the most adorable party planning blog, Bakin' Bit that had a ton of cute Derby printables, including these Horse and Rider info cards. 
The girls put their crafting skills to use and made award ribbons

What's a Derby with out Mint Juleps? I found these super adorable mini Julep cups for our kid friendly version...mint ice cream
Derby Bingo
I can hardly believe this adorable, loving, kind and ubber creative girl is 8. 
Can't celebrate one sister without the others. Miss Hartley and her sweet friend
Miss Liberty and those big eyes
Our silly Miss Irelyn
First picture, elegantly composed
Second picture, wild misfits

I imagine looking back on this picture reminiscing about the pure hearts and sweet friendships these girls have
Happy Birthday to our sweet Bryten. You are growing into such a loving, compassionate, kind, forgiving, faithful, respectable and Christ centered young lady. You bless our family everyday. Your sisters adore you and want to be just like you. Eight years ago was the beginning of the best journey and life change of our lives. We love you one million red M&M's

Kentucky Derby Printables:  

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