Our ancestors were sturdy: Datch Recipe

A few years back I stumbled upon {what I mean is I took that book home to keep}a family cook book at my parents’ house that was put together by a very dedicated women who was passionate about making sure that my dad’s side of the family, “family traditions” would be remembered and shared. She mentioned in the Editor’s Note that the struggle was long and hard in getting this project to come to life. I am so thankful that "life" didn't stop her from completing it. Years and more children later she was able to put this cookbook into print. It is a bound book full of the wonderful recipes that brought families  together through; celebration, mourning, pain, sorrow , loneliness, joy, love, and holidays. I am learning as I get older ;) that these are the memories and feelings I want my girls to remember when they are older. Foods and smells always bring us back to a special memory. Sometimes it’s a powerful testimony that the family rallied together for and others just a normal Saturday breakfast. My sweet relative wrote; “Our ancestors were sturdy, God fearing people and it has trickled down through the generations.” YES! I want my girls to look back and remember our family as God fearing. I wanted to share a recipe that I grew up eating and hearing so many stories about. Every time we had my dad’s family in town- this is what we would serve. Never missed the opportunity to love each other without it. Today, my girls request this at least twice a week and love hearing the stories I share from my childhood. 

3c flour
3 eggs
1tsp salt
1/2 -3/4 c milk
Things I have added to spice it up
1tbp vanilla
1drop cinnamon bark oil

Combine eggs, salt and flour. Blend well until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Add milk slowly and stir enough to make  a thick batter. In a large frying pan, heat olive oil on high heat. 1/4 inch of oil, enough to cover the bottom of the pan and then some. Turn heat down a tad and carefully pour the batter into the pan and fry. Spread it out like a giant pancake. With a large flipper , carefully turn the dough over. Cook each side until they are golden brown. When both sides are golden brown, use your flipper, or as a clean can (with holes poked at the top) to chop the dough into large crumbles. 

Serve hot with your favorite breakfast sides. Traditions have it that canned peaches, pears, applesauce, syrup, cheese slices, bacon, and sausage are common favorites. 

This will easily feed 4-5 people.

My girls love it with just a little syrup. 

Enjoy sweet friends!


Winter Wonderland Birthday {Liberty 1 & Irelyn 3}

I am going to LOVE celebrating two of my babies with one party. Our two littlest are 2 yrs and 2 days apart and share the wonders of having a birthday in the winter season. I love all things girlie, vintage and pretty, so winter wonderland seemed only natural.

Pink snow {cotton candy}, powdered donuts & snow balls {white cheddar cheese balls} were all a hit with the little hands

It was so fun being the hot cocoa barista 

Birthday girl #1, Miss Irelyn Jayde 3 years old.

Birthday girl #2, Miss Liberty Layne 1

I am in denial that she is becoming a total daddy's girl. Can't one of them please be a mamma's girl??

I tried so hard to get a decent picture of these two sweet nuggets, but that proved to be more challenging than I thought. Love that they both have boo boos on their faces though. Its a tough life being a girl.

Umm, who picked the pink frosting?

She had no reservations with this tasty treat.

The after math...

To our sweet, spicy, full of personality, itty bitty and lead rooster Irelyn, we love you so much! You keep us on our toes and know just when your tight hugs and a gentle giggles are needed. I can not imagine what life would be without chasing you around and watching your every move. You are so so smart and incredibly loving. You say the funniest things with amazing timing. You have the ability to get anyone and everyone to hold you, snuggle you all with a bat of those big blue eyes.  Happiest of Birthdays sweet girl.

To our littlest nugget you are determined, an overachiever, full of snuggles, bright eyed, and a mamma's girl {for now}. This past year has literally flown by. It seems like a big blurr and somehow you are already 1. Walking, running, climbing up and down large sets of stairs and eating literally everything you find. You have blessed us beyond measure and your sisters adore you. Happy first Birthday Liberty.


Christmas Dinner Party {Milbank Team Appreciation}

Its been 5 years since our lil family of 3 packed up the Uhaul and traveled from Wisconsin to Kansas. Our journey began with hotel living, a three year old and one dedicated man who had passion and the gift to lead. It became an opportunity that we never imagined and one many never get. 

Long days, months of constant travel and endless hours of learning resulted in amazing growth, not only within the company but with in the man who worked the business from the ground up. Little get to see the behind the scenes of every aspect of the business, yet alone working tirelessly doing them all. My hubs, will never say any of this because he will be the first to say, its about the team. The team is what drives, motivates and allows my hubs to do what he loves. 

He loves every part of this team and appreciates them & their significant others tremendously! So, one small way we can show that is by inviting them into our home a few times a year for fun get together. Our Christmas Dinner Party is one of my favorites because its a beautiful reminder of what blessings this team has given our, now family of 6. Its a time that the significant others can hear about whats going on, the fun they have and most importantly to be thanked for their support. I know first hand that it would be such a hard life for each person on the team if the support at home is were not present. Its the support at home that extends to the office and travel life. Thank you all so much for loving, supporting, encouraging and engaging the way you do.

Here is a partial team picture (missing a few people)

Our Christmas Dinner has year after year been a sit down, full course dinner complete with cocktails and lots of laughter.

Like any other party I host, I strive to decorate with what we have on hand in combination with all thrifted items. I have had my eye on the look out for a vintage suitcase and on a birthday antiquing trip, I found this little gem.

I try to change the decor up a little every year, and this year I had my mind set on plaid & outdoors/woodsy

I swooned over the idea of fresh cut wood chargers and with the help of a sweet friend, I was able to complete the place settings with a hint of lumberjack :)

The challenge has been finding enough space. Our first Christmas dinner was a total of 6 people and now we have over taken the entire house trying to squeeze in 26 people. Some how it all worked out.


My all time favorite part is serving each one of these amazing people and sitting back in awe of how amazing this journey has been. To hear the laughter, the stories, and what impacted each of them has been so wonderful. It is truly humbling to know I have the privilege to walk along side such a man who inspires and appreciates his team as he does.

2014 was wonderful, but 2015 holds new adventures, challenges and many opportunities that as a family we will embrace with grace and gratitude.


Kentucky Derby Birthday {Bryten 8}

Well, I am 3 months past due on this birthday post for our sweet Bryten, but better late than never. This was a such an easy party to plan because our Bryten is in love with all things Horse.So as we have been slowly thrifting items to decorate her "vintage equestrian" bedroom, we ended up using many elements as the party decor. 

The Kentucky Derby is not in October.... but who cares:)

I came across the most adorable party planning blog, Bakin' Bit that had a ton of cute Derby printables, including these Horse and Rider info cards. 
The girls put their crafting skills to use and made award ribbons

What's a Derby with out Mint Juleps? I found these super adorable mini Julep cups for our kid friendly ice cream
Derby Bingo
I can hardly believe this adorable, loving, kind and ubber creative girl is 8. 
Can't celebrate one sister without the others. Miss Hartley and her sweet friend
Miss Liberty and those big eyes
Our silly Miss Irelyn
First picture, elegantly composed
Second picture, wild misfits

I imagine looking back on this picture reminiscing about the pure hearts and sweet friendships these girls have
Happy Birthday to our sweet Bryten. You are growing into such a loving, compassionate, kind, forgiving, faithful, respectable and Christ centered young lady. You bless our family everyday. Your sisters adore you and want to be just like you. Eight years ago was the beginning of the best journey and life change of our lives. We love you one million red M&M's

Kentucky Derby Printables: