Safety Tips: Essential Oils

Now even though essential oils are extremely safe, way way safer than and traditional things on the market, there are still some precautions and tips you should remember. 
Few more things to remember...
1.    Please never put essential oils directly into your eyes or ears as this could cause damage.  Placing a few drops of oil on a cotton ball, then placing the cotton ball in your ear is recommended.
2.    Our citrus oils are photosensitive.  If you apply them topically, you will want to avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours so that you don’t burn.
3.    If you are adding any oils to your water, please make sure to drink out of a glass water bottle.  
4.    We always recommend a carrier oil when applying oils topically to children, until you feel comfortable doing otherwise. 
5.    When using essential oils in your bath, add a few drops to Epsom salt first, then put salt into bath water.  This will help the oils to adhere to something, so that you don’t have them just sitting on top of the water.
6.    If you apply an oil topically and it feels uncomfortable, apply a carrier oil over it, then wipe away with a cloth.  The carrier oil will carry the essential oil off of your skin.  
7.    Please keep your oils stored in a cool, dark place and avoid extreme temperatures, hot or cold.  This will ensure your oils don’t go bad.
8.    The shelf life of an YL oil is years AS LONG AS it’s stored in its original container, in a cool dark place.  A roll-on that is mixed with a carrier oil will have a shorter shelf life, since the carrier oil can go rancid.
9.    You cannot be allergic to a pure essential oil. The compounds are so tiny, that your body can’t react to it to fight it off as an allergy.  You can definitely have a reaction to pure oils.  If you are using lotions or skin products that contain petrochemicals, the oil will have to fight through that first, before getting to your skin, causing a rash or irritation.  You can also have a detox reaction to the oils. 

10.We have 2 different size bottles – 5ml and 15ml.  5ml contains approximately 90 drops. 15ml contains approximately 250 drops.

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