Halloween Costumes Thrifted: Insprired & Created

Every year I get batty {haha, see what I did there} about coming up with a family theme for the girls Halloween costumes. I realize one day I won't be able to claim control of this decision, but for now they love the challenge and fun just as much as I do.
So, my main goal is always to be INEXPENSIVE, REUSABLE, & CUTE. I have said this a million times and this is no different, I despise random junkie "stuff", so when we plan an event, coordinate an outfit or decorate our home, I am always looking for other ways it can be used. I also change things A LOT and it seems wasteful if my style outgrows my "stuff"; Hence my favorite place to get creative is the Thrift store where you can do a ton and still stay frugal. Not cheap, frugal.

While we were out shopping for some fall clothing items we came across this black fur vest and I was smitten. Tossed it right in the cart and was honestly just thinking about what cute plaid button down shirt the girls could pair with it. At the checkout of Savers, the young and very creepy dressed man{they dress in Halloween apparel for the month of October} admired each piece of clothing as he rang it up. Not weird at all. Hashtag it totally is. He actually stroked the vest.... um what?! Through all that weirdness he was the brains behind the costumes. As he was ever so casually stroking the vest he mentioned how it looked like a wolf coat. WHAAAA? That's it! Right there I turned to the girls and shrieked, " Y'all are going to the Wolf and Three Little Pigs". They were so excited! Really, they were.

Y'all its crazy what kind of inspiration you can get at the thrift store. One piece of clotting can change the game for you. So here is how I took that idea and literally ran with it.

I went home and dug through the girls closets and started gathering pink shirts, tutus, and tights. I usually always have some type of coordinating outfits so I knew it wouldn’t be too hard. I only ended up being short one tutu for Hartley. Bonus!

Bryten needed the most but since I had already purchased the vest I only needed a black shirt and tutu skirt. I wanted to make sure that if I went to purchase more items that they would once again be able to wear them for everyday outfits. That meant the holiday type skirts would not do it for me. I needed legit clothes that didn’t have skulls on the tag that say "one size fits all". Know what I mean?

We made a short list of items we needed and headed back to the thrift store. We always hit Savers first because they usually have name brand clothes that are good quality, still in good condition, annnddd super inexpensive. We found a pink tutu $1{had a tiny, totally unnoticeable rip}, black tutu $4.99, black long sleeve shirt $2.99, and all the noses 

I originally planned to just paint the noses on with costume makeup but when we saw them it was way easier for me. 2 pig snouts and 1 wolf nose for $9. Those were the most expensive part of the costumes. We still needed ears, and once again I planned to make them until the Dollar Spot at Target had these ears for $1 each. Who cares that the pink ones are cat ears, no one will notice the ears once they see the cute girlies with giant pig snouts, right? Right!

So total cost for all four costumes $22

Happy Halloween and Costume planning sweet ones.

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