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I’m Heather, I’m chasing Jesus daily, adore my hubs, delight in being a mama to four precious girls, am learning about Gods obedience as I homeschool, can’t wait until I can scavenge through another thrift store, get giddy about organizing, am horrible with grammar, all things “white” = my love language, and I’m fighting through life with the Armor of God.

I have been a stay at home mom now for 8 years and this marks my 5th official year of homeschooling. I am learning through this journey that the Lord has big plans for our family. Plans to teach us about love, patience, contentment, deep gut wrenching heart ache, GRACE, integrity and OBEDIENCE.

I definitely don’t think it’s an accident you found me here. The beauty of this community is being able to speak abundant life into one another. I will be praying over each of you. Pray for me too. Pray that the intent of my heart remains pure and honest as I capture the mundane AND magnificent on my journey of building a family legacy; driven by Faith, given with love, shown by example and encouraged with experience.

I’m a crazy planner and wanted to really know what my goal was going to be for this life journal of our journey; in that process I was overwhelmed with these very specific ways it would impact others.

This would be a place to Educate & Influence
- All who visit me here would feel at home -you would wrestle with choices in your life, and find ways to incorporate something NEW. That you would have an open mind to impacting your health and wellness no matter how big or small it is. That God’s wisdom would be sprinkled throughout, and you would be willing to share my blog with people in your life.

This would be a place to Expose & Confide- As I share our life with you and the “inter-webs”, I will be honest and transparent; not only in sharing the abundant blessings, but also in the real struggles. That all of you who share in return, will know I will do my very best to protect your heart.

This would be a place to share Trials & Triumphs- You would see that we are all broken, but there is always places to find joy and God’s grace and mercies are REAL. You would see that we live in reality and not picture perfect (event though I try hard to make the messy look beautiful)

This would be a place to Nurture & Encourage- Many people don't understand that building a business as an entrepreneur comes with any struggles and battles with the enemy. Why am I sharing all this with you? We cannot fight the “enemy” of self-doubt, naysayers, strangers, or skeptics alone. The “enemy” wants to steal our joy, our passion, our ability and our confidence. The “enemy” wants us to question the possibility and to give up when things get tough.

When you support any MLM, you’re investing in those you love. You’re supporting your friend, neighbor, sister, or mom. You’re helping a little girl get gymnastic lessons, a family the freedom to homeschool, the opportunity to finish school, the immeasurable dream of time to pursue passions. When you support your friend/family, you are ultimately saying, “I believe in you, and your passion to pursue this business”. MLM= supporting local entrepreneurs.

Pray that I will continue to learn how to lead and help others and will continue to build strong relationships lined with integrity. This community is one of the most beautiful and unexpected blessings in my life - our team is truly like family.

That this would be a place to Expect & Fight- That our family would expect God to move - that He will do great things. We will expect to see hardships along the way, none of which are outside God’s hand. We will fight for our marriage, kids and family.

We live in reality not picture perfect and it’s a beautiful mess full of LOVE. 

Welcome to Flourish in Thyme!

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