Organizing with Intentional Gratitude: Managing your Follow-up

Over the last two months I have had the pleasure of sharing some of my deepest passions with a group of women whom I adore. The passion that has been woven into my every being and how I love to serve others. ORGANIZATION. When I was asked to share I was over the moon with excitement. I knew exactly what I wanted to share right down to the last detail. It's an area that most people get hung up on. "How to Organize your Business Follow-up". In the depths of a very detailed outline I shared one small piece of magic that has transformed the way I follow-up with the members of my business. For the most part we are wives, moms, sisters, friends, teachers, leaders and motivated entrepreneurs. The tricky part of all those roles is finding the space in your life to manage all these things and manage them well.

Follow-up is hard and requires organization in order to do it effectively. How do you know who to follow-up with if you have no plan? What one thing could you do to make a huge impact? Easy, become intentional with your gratitude by a simple gesture to capture the heart and loyalty of people in your organization using the lost art of sending snail mail.

It's the same routine, we grab the stack of mail and flip, flip, flip, bill, bill, pre-approved credit card, bill, pre-approved credit card and then, there it is, in all its glory: the Holy Grail of snail mail - the handwritten note. It's the real thing. Blue cursive writing, a familiar name in the upper left hand corner, and a genuine, US postage stamp!
You smile with anticipation as you slowly open the envelope and pull out the note card. It feels great. You can't really explain why - it just does. Technology and the speed of communication in the 21st century have made the personal note, a dying art. Most of us have to think really hard to remember the last time we got one. There is good news though. In this void, your simple, handwritten note will stand out.
Your customers will remember you. They will associate you with the good feeling they received when they pulled your note out of their stack of junk mail. With just a little extra effort, you can connect with future prospects, strengthen your business network, and build stronger personal relationships.                                         Cyndi Gundy 

So how do I do that? Snail Mail Organizer.
I picked up these photo boxes at IKEA, which happen to be the perfect size for greeting cards and other misc envelopes.

I looked high and low for sturdy dividers, but came up empty handed. Luckily I have a super creative friend who is a whiz on this AMAZING machine, Silhouette Cameo. I gave her the measurements, idea of the overall look and before you knew it she had made 240 tab dividers. Each box contained 12 dividers labeled for the months of the year. These divers can also easily be made by cutting card stock to fit as well. 

Here is exactly how I use my box.

I buy cards, stamps and even address the cards ahead of time. If these things are missing, its more likely I'll get busy with life and will decide to just skip sending them out.

I go through my calendar and figure out who I will be sending cards to this year and for what occasion. I then place them (addressed and stamped) in the appropriate month tab.

When I have a new member in my business I look through my follow-up outline and figure out when I will send out snail mail (that could be monthly, quarterly or yearly). Then I follow suit and place the card in the appropriate tab

Each month I go through the current stack of cards, fill them out, add something special and mail them.

There's nothing more simple and manageable in terms of keeping this all together and easy to access. No going back to my calendar, excel spreadsheet, online database..... I just pop open the box and go from there. I place this box in my office next to my out going mail bin. Its a visual reminder for me to be intentional. 

Such a simple way to show your members gratitude that they chose you.

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  1. Heather! Oh my goodness this post made my heart so joyful! It spoke directly to my organizing, oil, snail mail loving heart. THANK YOU! -Kayla