Road Trip Activities

Road tripping with 7 girls =  lots of FUN. Our normal road trips usually consist of movies but I didn't want that for them. I was hoping for time these girls could fellowship and really be silly together. So what does everyone do when they need some inspiration...... you stalk Pinterest. 

Our drive was a little over three hours so surprise package were in order. The girls took turns opening them about every 45 mins. Talk about suspense and anticipation. It was so sweet to see how fun they made the countdown and how they delegated the responsibility of keeping time and opening the packages.

What was in the packages? Super simple activities to keep them entertained and spark some creativity and imagination.
  • pipe cleaners and tin foil- create something fun
  • individual jelly belly packs- make chart of the flavors you like and dislike
  • collection of Cd's- car dance party and singing competition
  • checkers and hang man travel games (target dollar spot)- friendly competition and strategic thinking
  • american girl quiz book- everyone got a turn to read the quizzes and learn about each others likes and dislikes

Of course they also needed cute lil travel survival bags. When I stopped to pick all the girls up we handed out the bags and set the rules...... only rules was that this had to be the "PARTY VAN".

Their survival bags included:
  • gift bag (target dollar spot)
  • pad of paper (target)- to doodle and use for the quiz games and jelly belly fnn
  • pencil (target dollar spot)- for obvious reasons
  • fun socks (found a pack of 7 at target)- so they all had something fun that matched and to keep their tootsies warm
  • glass bottles (target dollar spot)- keep them hydrated after the salty snacks
  • cloths pin so they could add their own special essential oil and either put in the vent or near them (target dollar spot)- to smell yummy and to keep everyone chill
  • trail mix- snacks... duh!
  • pringles

I packed a pitcher of water so they would be able to refill their  water and not have to buy drinks when we stopped. I also packed grocery sacks so they could keep their trash together (I'm even a neat freak in the car)

Let the party begin! Just me and the 7 girlies. 

Some of our fun.


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