Today & everyday HE is our new begining: 2015 Goals

hello 2015!
Do you ever just sit back in awe of how you have been blessed with such genuine, unique, honest and loyal friends and family? I ABSOLUTELY do! God knew exactly what my heart and soul would need in a spouse, children and friends in order to journey this time on earth with humility and conviction. He knew where I would be weak, times I would be weary and areas I would fall to sin. He put these people in my life with purpose and desire.
But take HEART I have overcome the world John 16:33
Today one of those friends spoke with fierce faith into my heart. Her words were encouraging and convicting which stirred my spirit to move.

Earlier this sweet friend connected with many of her "people" (as Jennie Allen calls them)to know our prayer requests and for us to hold her accountable to the upcoming year.  I began to fret about not having actually written my goals for friends and family to see and hold me accountable to. I read further through what was so intimidating to the assurance that all will be well with my soul also, if I too do not succeed in all my great desires and plans for 2015/rather life.

I have a long list of goals and changes I want to make.... To be a better child of God, wife, momma, friend and ME. As I thought through each detail with how I would actually put them into action I felt unworthy, a failure before I began, a fraud! God sees me and I fail to see HIM.

My 2015 will be focused on the LIGHT & DARKNESS. Seeing him in them both and being present with him in them all. I know this year like all the rest will be filled with pebbles and mountains that will require moving. Let it go {cue Frozen theme song}! Our journey is changing and it will be wonderful, straining, joyful and exciting. It will be God who holds us up through it all and provides strength when we feel weary and laughter when we feel complete joy.

Enough babble and self talk already. Here is what I wish to be held accountable to:
1.    Control- Let go more . Allow the girls to be kids . Not be slave to my schedule and my to-do list.
2.    Alone time- Make mornings my time with God ( I hate mornings so this is a big challenge but only realistic way to set my spirit and mind to be full of joy and ready for battle before the day begins).
3.    My body- Take care of it. Be consistent and committed to eating the way I feed the girls ( strict, clean diets). Stay active ( not necessarily to lose weight ((wont' hurt)) but feel good). Treat myself to feeling pretty (pay for a hair cut, paint my nails, buy non thrifted clothes occasionally) . Be attractive for my hubby and not just mom grubby.
4.    Contribute financially- Even though it's not needed I want to. Tithe that money. Enjoy what I do. Continue to pray on the idea of starting a referral organizing /de cluttering biz.
5.    Give - Be able to serve others with what I am passionate about... ORGANIZING. 
6.    Blog- I started it a year ago and have not done much with it. Silence the fear of my voice that consumes me each time I start to write open and honestly.
7.    Mentorship/ Friendship- I have had desires for so long to have a mutual life giving relationship that is encouraging , loyal, challenging and Christ centered. I have prayed but not stepped out in faith.
8.    Our home- Continue to use for His Kingdom( fellowship, connecting). I love to host and entertain. We have always loved to invite families into our home as a way to know them better... but we need to be more intentionally about reaching beyond our comfort zone.
9.    Text/ email less- Call and face to face more. 
10.My Hubs- Quality time. Creative ways to be connected without spending oodles of money on a sitter to do so. Give him my best even when I feel at my worst.
11.My Girlies - Be gentle, loving, encouraging and PRESENT. Give them my best again, even when I feel at my worst.
12.Family & Friends - Stay connected and honestly seek to pray for them. Be encouraging ,be life giving, and be ME. Let the burden of hurt in past friendships and the daunting feeling the influence others have on me and my relationships. Know it's not my place to judge and speculate . Forgive and move on for my sake.
13.Hobby- Work on my way way back logged scrap books
Well if that didn't just over load your mind, I hope you can ask me how it's going and remind me often that.... "the fresh grace and mercy I desire is mine every time the sun rises" (-she reads truth). It's not bound by a new calendar year to be turned. 

May blessings be showered in 2015 and valleys be filled with Faith & Friends

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