We've gone paperless

I dislike clutter. I dislike the idea of junk drawers. I dislike holding onto TONS of papers and documents to one day MAYBE referencing them. I dislike that every few months I find myself trying to figure a better way to organize my darn papers and documents. Yes, I drive myself nuts thinking about stuff like this. It has been even more consuming being a homeschooling family with multiple kids. I have found over the past 4 years that we have accumulated a lot of papers. How do I know what to keep and what to toss? Goodness! I had purged so much that I was starting to regret some of the sweet treasures my girls have made over the years that were victim to my madness. In addition to our school work I despised the two giant, ugly, space taker filing cabinets we had in our basement office area. We kept all the important documents filed nicely and occasionally I would sift through and toss all "old" items. There was a point that I just never looked in them because so much was outdated and we no longer needed but didn't have time to overhaul the filing system. 
Picture two of these beasts side by side

So I set on a mission to go paperless. 
Step One: unload filing cabinets

 Step Two: Sort documents into a keep & shred pile

Step Three: decide on a small storage container for the documents I must have on hand, originals or can not be scanned. I found this small container from Target and worked perfect.

Step Four: Make storage container cute of course :)

 Step Five: Decide what to keep and file neatly

Step Six: Scan EVERYTHING else and file via Neat Scanner. This is a must have item!!!!!!!! No joke. 

 Step Seven: Shred like crazy (the kids loved this part)

I mean, how stink'n nice is it to have all your papers on your computer ready at any moment to be viewed, sent as a PDF or printed. There are probably a thousand more ways to use it, but for now that's all I have attempted. 

It was definitely time consuming to get everything scanned, filed and reviewed before I actually shredded the original documents, but in the end TOTALLY worth it. 

*** Can't wait to share how we've UP-CYCLED the ugly file cabinets***

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